Registration for November 2019



Festival from 23.-29.NOVEMBER 2019: 490€-430€ (self-assessment (nach Selbsteinschätzung), depending on your financial situatuion) including workshops, jams, etc. (all of the festival program), mostly organic, vegetarian, delicious and healthy food, and sleeping in your own tent (or putting your mattress into the dance studio at night), and 1-2 hours of help during the festival (e.g. dishwashing, kitchen).

The prices for sleeping in the rooms are slightly higher (e.g. Double Room from +5€ per night, Single Room from +10€).

For details about and the bookings of the rooms you have to contact the Finca Team! (You will receive the contact details of the Finca after registration, or you can send a request to us via email - and this it not necessary, if you sleep in your own tent). 


Before and after the Festival the finca is open for us for holidays – jamming on the beach/in the studio, cooking, swimming, sauna, hanging out, taking hikes together.

Prices for housing before and after the festival:

Own tent: 10€ per night

Double room: starting at 15€ per night



Note: You will be responsible for your own transportation on the island. A doodle group is available, where you can coordinate carsharing with other participants, the link will come via Email with the confirmation of your registration.


Please Register online here:

Contact Festival La Palma: Registration



Thank you for your registration. 





The registration is valid with a deposit of 140 EURO. Please make a money transfer to: (...and PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME ON A TRANSFER FROM ABROAD!!!!) 

If you transfer from abroad in Europe, please transfer the money with a European-standard Transfer (SEPA), and in EURO, even from the UK. And we will need 140 EURO to arrive on our account, so you have to cover possible transaction fees. 

After you received this email as a registration receipt your registration is valid. This legally obliges you to send the deposit. We should receive the deposit latest 2 weeks after you received the registration receipt. Nice to meet you soon in the sun! 

If you cancel until 4 weeks before the festival we keep 50 EURO for our effort. If you cancel until 2 weeks before we keep the deposit. If you cancel later we keep the whole festival fee, and if you have not transferred the full amount in advance, you are obliged to pay it within one week after the festival by bank transfer. Please make a travel cancellation insurance, which you will pay for in case of illness, injury, etc.. 

Please pay the rest in cash at the arrival. 

The participation is at your own risk. You recognize the organizers, helpers and teachers cannot be held liable for any loss, damages or injuries. 

We will NOT confirm the arrival of your deposit since your own bank can confirm. We will send you updates about the festival and a list of participants in the weeks before the festival. Please read the information on our webpage carefully. 

PLEASE NOTE: You will be responsible for your transportation on the island! For carsharing and further communication with other participants please also use our Facebook event (just search for La Palma Contact Festival or check here:

Looking forward to dancing with you soon! 

The La Palma Team.